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Kovalev Law Services


Kovalev Law specializes in Fraud, Sexual Offences, Firearm Offences, and Extradition and Deportation cases. Please fill out the form below or call us and schedule a time with a lawyer.



Fraud is a serious offence for which a person can not only go to jail but also lose respect and trust of friends and family. If you are charged under s. 380 or similar provision of the Criminal Code, to establish fraudulent transaction the prosecution must prove two major elements of the crime: dishonesty and deprivation. Moreover, the prosecution must prove your subjective knowledge of the prohibited act (fraud), and that its performance could have, as a consequence lead to deprivation of the property.  


Firearm Offences

As opposed to the United States gun ownership in Canada is a privilege rather than a constitutional right. Classification, purchase, possession, use, transportation, transfer, lending of firearms is regulated by the Firearms Act, Criminal Code and other federal orders and regulations. They are rather complex and subject to constant changes. If you are charged with a firearm offence you face jail time and permanent loss of your guns.


Sexual Offences

If you are charged with a sexual assault or other types of sexual offence you face the prospect of a significant jail sentence, collection of DNA, compliance with the Sex Offender Registry and the stigma that goes along with being charged with a sexual offence. This an intricate and complex area of law with numerous evidentiary rules unique to sexual offences. It is extremely important to have a lawyer who would vigorously defend you, but also knows how to present your case within the boundaries of what is ethically and legally permissible.


Extradition and Deportation

If you are wanted in foreign country to face trial or serve sentence, Canadian authorities may extradite or deport you to that country. Extradition proceeding is not a criminal trial, but an expedited process aiming to determine whether a trial should take place in the requesting state. During the judicial stage a court determines whether there is sufficient evidence to justify committal of the person sought for an offence in the requesting state that is equivalent to an offence under Canada’s Criminal Code.

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